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It’s time to hang on from the rush of the busy lifestyle for a while and give yourself some much-needed time. Step into the world of yoga to claim all the good health, peace and happiness you truly deserve.
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If you have no excellent guide for yoga, fret not because we got it all sorted. Check out our yoga classes, learn from them and attain good health & peace of mind.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga would synchronise your bodily movement with the yoga postures and its rhythm to help you with muscle training and the development of physical strength.

Hatha Yoga

Inclusive of the breath, body and mind, this would probably be the first impression you would get while thinking of yoga. As the name itself implies with the word Hatha, which means force, it would involve meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga would enable you to move on from one posture to the next using breath because of the type of postures strung together in a pattern.

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Group Yoga

Group Yoga

Group Yoga

Relax & Enjoy Your Life

Inculcate yoga in your daily schedules and make it an innate part of your life. The sense of peace and happiness you will experience will be worth cherishing forever.

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What clients say?

Yoga indeed renders one with a sense of relief and linguistique wolof, making it all easy to learn and practice.
Margaret M Mathias
I was able to rejuvenate my physical strength, thanks to the yoga classes by linguistique wolof, which guided me correctly.
Adam K Coto
The decision of learning yoga and practising it brought a positive change in my life. It is indeed something I would never want to give up.
Janet H Williams